Personalised laundry services to patients

The Service of Central Laundries (SCB) of the AP-HP (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris, a conglomerate of 29 hospitals in the wider Paris area) has recently set up a special unit that takes care of personal items of more than 850 patients in 8 hospitals. Those items are very diverse and many times fragile (pants, shirts, t-shirts, jackets etc.) and demand personalised care. Marked by a chip providing effective traceability, about 30 000 items are  subject to monthly personalized treatment, washing and delivery.

Packaged in special bags and picked up daily, the clothes are washed at low temperatures, with programs tailored to their fragility. They are marked by an RFID chip allowing their identification, tracking and sorting. This service provides residents  traceability of their personal belongings, thus limiting the risk of loss. The articles are manually processed during drying and ironing. Thanks to the digital management of the process, every patient receives on time his personal belongings ready and packed.

Currently, the SCB offers laundry services to the residents of Adelaïde-Hautval, Charles-Foix, Corentin-Celton, Fernand-Widal, Louis-Mourier, René Muret and Rothschild hospitals, but further hospitals are expected to join the program.