Pickup-and-Delivery and good pricing…

Pickup-and-Delivery is slowly conquering the world. Although some owners ignore this new business model completely, most of them are attracted by it and many of them have started with it. No question about it, it has changed the lives of many people as well it has effected the laundry industry itself.  Obviously, it required new business models and new operational strategies,

but the majority of laundromat owners have found their way in this new development. Various strategies have been tested and initiated – from route-based models versus on-demand models, and by-the-bag pricing as opposed to by-the-pound pricing. In that respect pricing is essential. Basically, the two most common ways to price pickup and delivery are by the bag and by the pound. They have both been tried and researched extensively. Although many operators have tried them both, the by-the-pound method seems the best approach.

Research shows that in the US the majority of the industry has chosen the by-the-pound method, mainly because this pricing is considered to be fair. It seems to be the perfect symbiotic relationship between service and fairness – and it’s an ideal value exchange between your customers and your laundry business.