Pierotti wins the Italian Overall Best Practices Award. DBG Service receives the Innovation Award and the Sustainability trophy goes to Lavanderia Lampo

On February, 18, ASSOSECCO, together with CINET, organized the Italian Best Practices Awards in a beautiful venue of Unione Confcommercio Palazzo Castiglioni Milano.  A successful event, that brought together major suppliers, Italian PTC industry personalities, speakers and last, but not least, representatives of the laundry and drycleaning companies competing for the trophies.

Conference program

During the event moderated by Mrs. Donata Castelli, the speakers’ presentations were focused on several topics varying from the global trends in the professional textile care industry to the specifics and challenges of the Italian market. After the welcome speech of Mrs. Gabriella Platè (President of Assosecco), a presentation on the Italian National Best Practice Award Program was held by CINET President, Mr. Peter Wennekes. The program continued with the ‘Laundry on Demand Business experience & business mode’ presentation (held by CINET Secretary General, Mr. Leon Wennekes), followed by Mr. Federico Cimini, Qudrato Verde with his presentation about ‘Professional PTC Management’, and by the “State of the Art technology in Italian Professional Textile Care” (Mr. Peter Wennekes). The last presentation was focused on “World of PTC Business School”, by Nicolae Damu (International Marketing & Communication CINET).

Peter Wennekes (President/CEO of CINET) and Leon Wennekes (CINET’s Secretary General)

Sponsors pitch presentation

The sponsors’ representatives presented the last updates in their product and services portfolio in front of the audience: Mr Vittorio Maglione (Alliance), Mr. Andrea Corazza (Electrolux), Mr. Gianluca Lazzari (Bowe), Mr. Mirco Mongillo (Firbimatic), Mr. Jacopo Toricelli (Seitz) and Mr. Marco Vaccari (Surfchimica)

Pitch presentations from the Italian Best Practices Awards sponsors. From Left to Right: Mr Vittorio Maglione (Alliance), Mr. Andrea Corazza (Electrolux), Mr. Mirco Mongillo (Firbimatic), Mr. Jacopo Toricelli (Seitz) 

Nominees pitch presentations

16 complete, valid applications from Italian Textile Cleaning companies, meeting all the best practices criteria, have been submitted for the National chapter in the Global Best Practices Awards Program and the Jury’s mission of selecting the final 8 nominations was was a very difficult one.


The Overall Best Practices Award at the Italian National event went to Pierotti Laundry Network Group (Stefano Pierotti) from Gubbio, Perugia. By winning this award, Pierotti Laundry Network Group will be automatically qualified in the GBPAP18 Final at ExpoDetergo International (October, 18-19, 2018).

The Innovation Award went to DBG Service (Gerardo Delli Bovi) from Sedriano, while Lavanderia Lampo (Rocco Sabato Lamoglie) from Mortara won the Sustainability Award. Franco Costamagna (Lavanderia Candidus) received the “Lifetime Achievement” trophy and the CSR Award was won by Lavanderia Europa (Laura Bravi) from Macerata.


Gabriella Plate (Assosecco), Stefano Pierotti (Pierotti Laundry Network Group) and Marco Vaccari (Surfchimica)
Gabriella Plate, Rocco Lamoglie (Lavanderia Lampo) and Andrea Corazza (Electrolux)
Gabriella Plate, Gerardo Delli Bovi (DBG Service) and Vittorio Maglione (Alliance)

Awards of excellence

The following Italian companies with outstanding Italian profiles of nominees received the Excelence Awards for their strong commitment towards best practices:

  • Nuova Lavanderia
  • Monica Biancifiori
  • Centro Lavasecco Lomazzo di Dalcegio
  • Centro Lavasecco Agos
  • Wash Service
  • Bolle Blu Lavanderie
  • Clean Center di Severgnini
  • MBS di Cherubini
  • Lavaigienico Sapio
  • Lavasecco L’Arcoballeno
  • Lavanderia Azzura
Mr. Alberto Dalceggio (Centro Lavasecco Lomazzo), Monica Biancifiori (Biancifiori) and Mr. Sergio Maifredi (Nuova Lavanderia)
The GBPAP18 Final will take place at ExpoDetergo International Milan (October, 18-19, 2018)