Plastics being Recycled … New Sportswear Emerge!

Puma – one of the leading sports brands – has announced that it has developed a sportswear collection made from recycled plastic. The company worked together with the First Mile – a network that supports micro-economies in underdeveloped communities by collecting plastic bottles to support entrepreneurs and prevent waste from reaching landfills and oceans. Each bottle is sorted, cleaned, shredded, turned into yarn, then knitted or woven into fabric to ultimately become apparel, footwear, and accessories from brands around the world.

According to Puma, the partnership has taken a considerable number of 44 tons of plastic waste out of recycling stations and oceans, only for the products made for 2020. This leads to an overall estimate of around 1,980,286 plastic bottles to be reused. The pieces from the new collection consist of shoes, tees, shorts, pants, and jackets. All of the apparel will be made of at least 83% to even 100% from the more sustainable yarn.