Pony’s Focus on Innovations & Investments

Italian Dry Cleaning Equipment Supplier Pony believes that only with investment and continuous improvement a company can maintain its success. In accordance with this belief, the company claims to have all their machines being produced using solar energy, by the end of 2020!

Apart from that the company has made more innovations. Since August 6, a new photovoltaic system has been in operation and could avoid the emissions of 34,450 kg of CO2, equivalent to planting more than 1,000 trees! This energy is used both for our own in-house production and to be fed into the national network.

Another example is that in June this year, two vertical warehouses were installed in the company’s premises – 7 metres high – which will stock materials, previously stocked horizontally over 500 sq. metres. The main benefit of a vertical warehouse is to optimise space. It is stated that by saving between 80 and 90% of floor surface, one can save on volume. The vertical warehouse also enables the picking concept to be reversed and consequently remarkable time saving can be achieved. Another big advantage is that all the items are better preserved and protected.