Post-Corona Challenges in Laundry Facilities Management

Scott Scarpato – CEO and owner of US-based Automatic Laundry Service Co has recently been interviewed on the post-corona challenges the industry is faced with. He stated that when the pandemic emergency was declared, laundry facilities were considered essential and got busier. Apart from that, they were not only faced with new challenges such as keeping workers safe and the laundry equipment clean and usable, but also with the acceleration of contactless payment systems and the lack of coins or money. New technologies emerged further, such as real-time systems that can tell you exactly where a washer or dryer is in status, but also front-facing technology to monitor opening-times and machine availability.

However, Scarpato believes that the biggest tests for laundry facilities management are the challenges connected with keeping pace with users’ desires. Since laundries ‘customers are not only millennials, but also an aging population the ultimate challenge for laundry facility management will be to continually grow and use technology to better interact with a constantly changing customer population.