Producing Workwear in an Ethical Way? A Change in Doing Business!

Klopman – a European producer of fabrics for workwear, based in Italy – has officially joined the United Nations Global Compact agreement, which commits companies to work in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as adopted by the General Assembly of the UN. The goals are aimed at the elimination of poverty, the spread of peace and the promotion of prosperity and human development on a global level by 2030.

The company’s change of doing business in an ethical way has also been presented in their 2019-2020 sustainability report. The report points at major goals achieved, such as: an annual decrease of over 4,000 tons in CO2 emissions, a 25% increase in fabrics produced with sustainable raw materials, a 40% waste reduction compared to the previous year, and the equivalent of more than 8 million plastic bottles reused thanks to the use of recycled polyester in production of the range of green fabrics.