PTC, the Only Option for Washing the Workwear: Superior Quality, Hygiene & Sustainability

Over the years, CINET has put a lot of research and benchmark studies to address the issues of superior sustainability and the advantages of Professional Textile Care compared to domestic washing. In this line, we’ve worked intensively with our international supplier members.

These days, Christeyns issued a special digital brochure covering this topic, communicating with its customers of the advantages of professional cleaning for workwear, as opposed to the risk of washing it at home. More about Christeyns’ digital brochure, on this link – here! The document is presented in the Dutch language, but you can use your browser’s automatic translation option in order to read it in English or in other language.


Located in Ghent, Belgium, Christeyns started in 1946 as a small soap factory.  Since then, the family-owned company has grown into a major player on the global detergents market. Over the years, Christeyns has expanded its hygiene solutions for Professional Textile Care to Food Processing & Retail, Professional Cleaning and Life Sciences.