Pulizia Industries launches new laundry products in India

Pulizia Industries Pvt. Ltd (PIPL), based in Mumbai, India entered into the market of specialized hygiene & cleaning products some time ago.

At the time the company also started producing cleaning products under the brand name of ‘Renslighet’. Recently they launched a number of laundry care products from Zenith PLC – manufacturer and supplier of cleaning and hygiene chemicals and ancillary products – from the United Kingdom. Some products are also suitable for machines in the commercial laundry care, such as:  a non-bio powder to prevent linen fabrics to become grey and a concentrated fabric softening liquid specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. Suitable for most fabrics, to be manually – or auto-dosed and leaving a pleasant smell and preventing fabrics. Sources: Cleanindiajournal & Pulizia Industries.