Real Estate Developers eagerly invest in Laundry Business

US-based real estate developers Ben and Mekell Joffs recently invested in a high-speed vended laundry in North Carolina.  The 3,800-square-foot  Laundry Center opened in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic peak and broke even in five months, as they report. The laundry now averages more than 4.5 turns per day — far beyond expectations.

The brothers wanted to invest in a business with a predictable income, since real estate is cyclical. With help from a full-service laundry equipment distributor they found a location and were soon able to open the facility. The distributor enabled a demographic study, revenue projection, competitive analysis and financing paperwork. They also installed the equipment and continue to provide ongoing service.

At the fully attended laundry, customers are to enjoy a safe, clean environment with free Wi-Fi, high-speed Continental Girbau ExpressWash® Washers and ExpressDry® Dryers, flatscreen TVs, a children’s reading centre, and the ability to pay in various ways such as by using coins, credit/debit, Google Pay, Apple Pay and the FasCard loyalty card. In short, the laundry is all about making life simpler and more pleasant for the customer, according to the Joffses.