Record 2018 revenue reported by Elis

International multi-service provider Elis – which offers textile, hygiene and facility services solutions across 28 countries in Europe and Latin America – recently reported record full-year 2018 revenues. Some highlights of the comments made by Mr Xavier Martiré, CEO of Elis:

“In 2018 the Elis revenue reached a record at more than €3.1bn, driven by the acquisition of Berendsen, which is being integrated in a very satisfying way. The pro forma organic growth of +2.4% all along the year was supported by a better than expected 4th quarter, progressing by nearly +3% on an organic basis. Sales dynamics observed in all our geographies highlight the relevance of our strategy and the resilience of our activity in the countries in which market conditions are more difficult.

In general, satisfying levels of growth have been realised in both Western and Southern Europe, as well as in the areas in Central Europe, with regional overlap between Elis and Berendsen before the acquisition. Finally, Latin America showed organic growth of more than 8%. The market remains very dynamic despite the decrease of inflation in Brazil, but we continue to open the market in these countries with high growth potential.”