Recycling Device For Clothes At H&M Stockholm (Sweden)

H&M has installed a special machine in a store in Stockholm. Here, customers can hand in old clothing and watch live how the device dismantles a shirt or sweater and weaves a new garment from the textile. Above all, the device should make people aware of the possibilities of reusing clothing.

The device called Looop comes from a research institute in Hong Kong. This institute collaborated with H&M and went looking for a way to recycle clothing ‘live’: in a few hours, an old worn-out T-shirt turns into a new beautiful sweater. The institute ultimately wants to roll out the technique on a large scale throughout the entire clothing industry, so that it can be reused more.

Looop, a trend-setter in terms of circularity

Fast fashion (cheap clothing that breaks quickly, a trend in which H&M itself is also participating) in one of the main problems in terms of pollution, creating enormous mountains of waste, water consumption and CO2 emissions. To improve all of this, the textile industry must work more circularly. At this moment, only 1 percent of the clothes on earth end up in a recycling process.