Regenex (UK) Invites Industries to Use Textile Dyeing to Help Lower Carbon Emissions

Regenex is expanding its dyeing service for tired linen that has lost its original whiteness or colour. Consequently, it can be avoided that many tonnes of such material are being condemned to landfill.

The UK-based start-up is known for its patented stain removal processes for white linen. In its fourth year, it already has various major (international0 laundry chains on its client list. Apart from that, the company has also dyed 75 tonnes of material so far and is now opening up such services to more parties. David Midgley – the firm’s managing director – said that in these times of new possibilities for saving carbon and money better management of linen is essential. Companies are improving their eco-credentials as a post-Covid world emerges. An easy way to do that is to get the most out of textiles, before ordering replacement stock.