Rental Linen Gaining Ground in India Healthcare

In India the concept of rental linen has entered the hospitality segment during the pandemic, since an increasing number of hotels consider this model a lucrative and a more convenient way of using hygienic and quality linen in their facilities. The question remains if rental linen could be the future working model in hospitals? Some food for thought:

According to Narayanan Raghavan – CEO of Indian company Rent-a-Towel – hospital-acquired infections (HAI) can cause risky situations through infected linen, and need to be controlled. Rental linen enabled with RFID technology for monitoring and controlling the movement of linen is the best solution and gives peace of mind to healthcare service providers.

Mahesh Ghatge – Managing Director of Kleanwise India – states that in the pandemic situation where a financial crisis cannot be avoided, the hospitality and hotel industry are the most affected ones. The cost of linen maintenance and hygienic service is high in such situations and the linen rental model could be an affordable and convenient solution. It could not only to minimise expenses with professional management, but also require less manpower engagement and hygienic services. All in all, a development that seems to get a foothold in a post-corona future.