Renzacci at CLeanEx, Ascot UK

Renzacci participated with a large booth to provide a professional reception for the visitors together with their distributor Ashley Cadman.

Sustainable economy and climate changes are more and more producing a demand where clean means not only absence of stains and dirt, but also a treatment where biodegradability, biocompatibility, hypo allergenicity and health represent the pillars of the service offered to the customer.

To witness this market trend is the success recorded by  the exclusive SENTINEL™ range of drycleaning machines, which takes advantage in a simple and innovative way of the natural power of the ultraviolet rays for a deep and effective action against viruses and bacteria.

Mr. Gabrio Renzacci, Mr. Marco Niccolini and Mr. Ashley Cadman of Renzacci: after COVID now good take-off for new business.
Mr. Gabrio Renzacci,  Mr. Ashley Cadman and Mr. Marco Niccolini of Renzacci:
after COVID now good take-off for new business.

There is also a growing awareness of the benefits of wetcleaning, but not as a way to substitude drycleaning treatments, but instead as a professional way to carry out cleaning treatments with a professional washer extractor combined with professional chemical products (which unfortunately is not yet sufficiently diffused in our industry).