Responsible desinfection protects! PTC can offer added value!

Work clothing can also be protective clothing and protect the wearer from various health and safety risks. During the deployment, clothing not only gets dirty but also contaminated. In a publication attention is paid to carcinogenic substances to which firefighters are exposed and the cases of illness among retired firefighters. According to The Sunday Times (February 25) firefighters are three times as likely to die from cancer by inhaling toxic substances but also the contamination of the clothing. Anna Stec, professor at the University of Central Lancashire has found that in firefighters under the age of 75 the number of deaths is three times higher than normal.

Skin cancer is the biggest risk and related to contamination of clothing. In addition, mouth and throat cancer pose a major risk by inhalation of toxic substances and chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that are absorbed through the skin and mutate the DNA. The contamination of protective clothing with chemicals, biological agents and hazardous particles calls for thorough, responsible cleaning including proper quality control. Professional cleaning, therefore, by companies that control their processes which is confirmed by their Certex® or Cerclean® certificate. The ISO 9001 quality management systems that are fully tailored to the profession of professional textile cleaning.