RFID advantages for commercial laundries

In addition to the recent health crisis, the laundry sector is continuously meeting with major changes, especially in technology and the environment. One way to remain competitive and face with increased competition, is to invest in technologically advanced equipment, combined with solutions to automate processes, thus increasing productivity and quality, plus a considerable reduction in costs.

According to UBI Solutions (Ubi) – which has been working with CLEAN Linen & Workwear – using RFID technology by healthcare and hospitality laundries can lead to many new efficiencies. The two companies have entered into a strategic cooperation that can lead to full transparency in terms of the laundry cycle and stock movements for many linen rental and launder-only customers in the UK.

The workwear company has implemented integrated RFID tracking services, that enable hospitality customers to track and find their linen at their locations in minutes, order fresh linen based on actual usage and check linen quality in real time using hand-held devices.

Kevin Godley – the company’s CEO explained the cooperation enables an enhanced guest experience by consistently offering the highest quality linen, in the right quantity, at the right time.