Road to Frankfurt. Meet the GBPA2020’s outstanding sponsors: SANKOSHA

The 3rd edition of The Global Best Practices Awards Program is shaping up as the most biggest so far. A series of successful pre-selections were already held in France, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Benelux and Canada. on the Road to Frankfurt. The GBPA2020 Final will take place during Texcare International (June, 20th, 2020), in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Global Best Practices Awards Program (GBPA) concept is based on:

  • stimulating the implementation of best practice measures, service aspects, marketing and quality of the professional textile care industry
  • demonstrating PTC industry’s capabilities
  • providing a benchmark and platform for the new state of the art in modern professional textile care

SANKOSHA. Absolute commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Sankosha has built a rock hard reputation worldwide on some basic business principles; integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company’s products are known to provide labor-saving design coupled with seamless longevity to provide its customers with years of satisfaction. Sankosha’s headquarters is located in the western part of Tokyo, Japan. It houses both the administrative and manufacturing departments. The engineering, electrical engineering, electrical assembly, metal fabrication, paint, main assembly, packaging and sewing departments are all housed there.

40 years of history.

Mitsuyuki Uchikoshi, Sankosha’s founder, began as a Dry Cleaner. Running a cleaning store, his eyes always went toward one thing – the pressing machines. He was always thinking of new machine ideas that would make it easier for Dry Cleaners to operate their businesses. Eventually after giving it a lot of thought, he decided to become a manufacturer. This was the beginning of Sankosha Manufacturing.

As a visionary, he dreamed of marketing his innovative machines beyond Japan and expand into North America. Since he could not speak English, he decided to attend a local English school in Japan where his English teacher was Wesley Nelson who was born in Wisconsin but was living in Japan at the time. Through much hard work and extensive research Sankosha USA was born in 1993 and opened its first office at 1715 Elmhurst Road, Elk Grove Village, Illinois. “Customer First” and “Supreme Quality” are the mottos that SANKOSHA carries forward as they satisfy our customers with products and services for the next quarter century.


Sankosha manufactures machines to be sophisticatedly simple for the garment care industry. The company goal is to allow its customers to be able to produce the finest quality pressed product while experiencing our unparalleled reliability.





Together with the above mentioned products, SANKOSHA offers a high variety of accessories, as well: steam traps, ball hangers, shirt hooks, sleever boards, sleeve expanders, hanger racks, head polish, collar cones, all-steam irons, cool curtains, covers and pads.

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