Safety in the laundry? Everyone’s job!

Imagine this: a laundry worker wants a fan or a radio where he stands, but there’s no outlet nearby — so he uses an extension cord. People may trip over the cord, or carts could run over it and cause it to fray. Or .. the cord might touch water, spark and cause a fire.

That is why, according to laundry veteran Shane Woodson, we shouldn’t worry about fire, spills or bloodborne pathogens to keep a laundry safe — it is the extension cords people use. Woodson: “Employees tend to be fixed on their own and safety might not be their priority at every moment.”

Consequently, keeping the workplace safe is all about embedding safety into the company’s culture at every level. Some powerful tools for laundry owners to ensure lasting safety:

  • Install a safety committee including an employee from each department to review and discuss potential unsafe practices or environments on a regular basis.
  • Provide safety training and education;  and evaluate progress regularly.
  • Regular (twice a week) spot checks and quizzes on safety keeps it focused in workers’ minds.
  • Keep a checklist of concerns by quizzing employees and ask them how they would solve a problem.

In short, regular check-ins fight complacency, keep information fresh and … the workplace safe!