Saving Time and Fabric by innovative Sunscreen Stain Removal!

Especially in summer, when large amounts of sun cream are used (of course!),  laundry operators may experience some kind of the frustration, when noticing yellow or dark brown spots on the freshly washed towels and textiles. Unfortunately, sunscreens are not as gentle to the textile as they are to the skin. Actually, they leave behind stains that are hard to remove.

In order to avoid frustration and extra costs by a second wash, Christeyns claims to have developed ‘Mulan Solar’, a specific degreaser that eliminates the UV filter left behind on towels. The effect is even reinforced by applying a sequestrant booster Smart Complex. This booster eliminates the metal ions in the wash process. Thus, the metals cannot react with the ingredients of the sunscreen, but also will no longer cause yellow or dark stains on the fabrics and. Apart from that, less fabric damage will occur. Finally, as the UV filter and the metals are eliminated in the wash process, the surfactants of the degreaser can adhere to the textile and remove the greasy stains quite easily.

The solution is stated to not only save costs associated with rewash, but would have a favourable effect by saving time