Savings & Efficiency in OPL Settings require planned, multi-level approach

Saving money and improving efficiency in an on-premises laundry (OPL), will require a planned and multi-level approach. Here is an outline to consider:

First of all, staffing is the main cost of doing laundry. Therefore, it is important to fluctuate staffing to the task at hand. Leveraging the equipment features is also essential.

Studies show operators will over dry by an average of eight minutes a cycle when using a timer vs. when the machine just stops when the laundry is dry. That affects how many loads can be done in a day, as well as the extra electricity and/or gas used for running dryers longer than necessary.
Naturally, technology is vital. For instance, use equipment that reports and measures how often the machines are running during an eight-hour shift vs. how often they are empty.

Of course, it is recommendable to keep your equipment in good shape and follow the operating manual about what maintenance items should be done daily, weekly or monthly. Finally, as a real efficiency ‘killer’ the widely-spread error to underload the machines is taken into account. All in all, taking all these things into consideration, 35% savings can be created by properly running an OPL!