Sea-lion Co. from China celebrates and expands!

Chinese Laundry equipment manufacturer Jiangsu Sea-Lion Machinery Co. Ltd.  recently held its 50th anniversary celebration. At the same time opened its new office building complex in Leyu Town.

In his speech Sea-lion Chairman Chen Hong stated that Sea-lion has made a two-stage relocation since 2014. This strategy made it possible to match to the planning and construction of local government. The sales centre, testing centre, and administration and logistics department located at the original headquarters, have been moved to the new production campus. According to Hong “the new office building – with advanced and complete facilities – is not only a new local landmark, but it also creates a new image of the Sea-lion production campus. Furthermore, it represents a beautiful scenery of city construction in Leyu Town. Completion of the office building is not only the end of the construction project, but also indicates a new start of our business.”

In celebration of its 50 years in business and ever-expanding market presence, the company earlier launched Sea-lion America Co. in the summer of 2019. This joint venture aims to support business in the North American, Mexican and Caribbean markets.