Seasonal Marketing – a boost for business!

Sometimes customers need to be reminded when it is time to get things cleaned and seasons may help in drawing their attention.

In order to stress your company’s benefits to the customer, visuals as well as interaction with customers are important. They are proven ways to increase loyalty, sales and profit. Interaction results will be improved by using visuals in all your media, both in-store and out, to stimulate customers and prospects into action. Whatever your style, remember to stress the benefits of the desired action.

According to a US National Center for Biotechnology Information study, the average customer’s attention span is eight seconds. Therefore it is important to catch attention quickly. The question is how to make your point quicker? Visual messages work best when reinforcing the customer’s needs of a service. Various studies show that seasonal actions can be effective triggers since they help customers in reminding them of your business role in the season. In that respect, traditional holidays provide many opportunities for selling extra services, because family gatherings demand clean clothing, textiles and tablecloth. As this approach is for instance often used for weddings, it will no doubt work for the coming December festivities as well.