Sophie Demicoli, Market Development Manager and Mr. Iñaki Barrenechea of SAFECHEM

SENSENE™: The Gentle Performer – The Ultimate Perc Replacement Solution.

As of December 21, 2020, dry cleaners in the U.S. whose operations are located in a residential neighborhood must curb any emissions of perchloroethylene (Perc). As a result, the use of Perc continues to decline in the U.S. due to increasing regulations and environmental concerns.

With SENSENE™, SAFECHEM has launched an alternative solvent based on modified alcohols, which has a lot of potential in the US market. SENSENE™ has the same working basis as Perc. Textile cleaners therefore do not need to change their usual procedures, as proven knowledge of cleaning and spotting procedures with Perc can be easily transferred to SENSENE™. SENSENE™ can be used in regular multi-solvent machines (machines suitable for class A III solvents). As SENSENE™ is based on modified alcohols, it is an environmentally friendly textile cleaning solvent.

Since its launch on the US market in 2017, many dry cleaners have been fully convinced of SENSENE™. So much so that they would never use Perc in their dry cleaning again.

Sophie Demicoli, Market Development Manager at SAFECHEM, reports very positively on this year’s Clean Show: “It’s a perfect time to kick off again on the US market. The pandemic was no longer a concern. The textile cleaning companies are open and ready to integrate innovations. The industry needs to adopt more sustainable processes, and the inclusion of SENSENE is a good start”.

In the US, SENSENE™ is distributed through SEITZ.

Photo: Sophie Demicoli, Market Development Manager and Mr. Iñaki Barrenechea of SAFECHEM