Servitex Switches to Sustainable Textiles (Germany)

The German federal government has recently agreed on a new supply chain law that will be effective from 2023. The law is to apply to companies with 3,000 or more employees.  .  However, managing director Rolf Slickers and his laundry partners intend to adopt a pioneering role and want to demonstrate that increased sustainability will benefit to everyone involved.

The organisation plans to improve all supply chains in the future social and ecological standards and to oblige suppliers abroad to comply with human rights and environmental standards. A switch to sustainable textiles will not lead to a price increase for hotel customers. Instead,  owner-run laundries intend to demonstrate that extensive measures for a more ecological and social future are also possible in the hotel industry without increasing costs or having to accept restrictions.

With regard to that, the bed linen and terry towels from the Servitex laundries are “Made in Green” certified, which enables items to be traced back to the country of origin. This product label guarantees textiles that have been tested for harmful substances and that have been produced in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.