Smart clothing, new patents

The smart devices become more and more present in our lives, at home or at work. Following this trend, our clothing is also becoming intelligent and that will become a real and interesting challenge for the Professional Textile Cleaners. Here are 5 of new patents in the field of smart clothing:

  • Fly open alarm. Your pants squeak or vibrate when the fly is open.
  • Compassion with a tackle. Football shirt full of pressure sensors, which measure when the ball or another player touches the player’s shirt and transmits this via the telephone to the spectator’s T-shirt.
  • Garment that you take to measure. The garment records your measurements and the computer makes a fitting model of your body and shows you online whether the chosen garment fits or not and which parts are too tight or too wide.
  • Clothing with built-in heart rate monitor. Garments such as a glove or T-shirt with heart rate monitor and flexible LED display where a green display means a healthy heart rate and a red display signals potential heart rate problems.
  • Phone changes color T-shirt. A T-shirt made of a fabric with color-changing fibers. The image on the T-shirt changes due to a signal from the mobile phone.