“Smart” is the key concept for Texcare International in Frankfurt, Germany (June 20-24, 2020)

The driving force in textile care is the development of digital solutions into smart ones. This provides the umbrella for all four major themes at Texcare International: ‘Smart Factory’, ‘New Business Models’, ‘Sustainability’ and ‘New Work – New Learning’.

From digital to smart

The ‘Smart Factory’ theme covers the intelligent interlinking of production and data flows, so as to enable a high degree of automation in modern textile care. Modern 3D camera technologies, RFID chips, the deployment of robots and artificial intelligence all help to implement the vision of the fully automated laundry facility.

Digitalisation opens up new ways for textile cleaning services to get in touch with their customers. ‘New Business Models’ are now emerging that make it possible for consumers to make contact via online shops or apps, offering innovative collect and delivery services in collaboration with logistics companies.

Another important driver of innovation is ’Sustainability’. For laundries and dry-cleaning establishments, there are many new technologies and processes relating to energy efficiency, the sparing use of washing agents, wastewater treatment and water recovery. Here too, digitalisation offers further potential improvements: for example, if all monitored data in a laundry can be assembled and processed in real time. Over and above individual establishments, the sector as a whole is working on solutions that will drive forward the idea of the ‘Circular Economy’.

And, of course, these technologies bring changes to the world of work and, against the background of a shortage of trained staff, offer attractive possibilities for further training, professional development and staff retention. These aspects are covered by the ‘New Work – New Learning’ top theme.

Events during Texcare

Among the headlines of Texcare International:

  • The Texcare Forum, to be held from 20 to 23 June (international transfer of knowledge and discussions between experts and business partners
  • “Young Texcare”. For the first time, the last day of the trade fair, 24 June 2020, will be devoted to the younger generation in the sector

Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020.

CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards Program (GBPA) 2019-2020 Final will take place in Frankfurt, Germany (June, 19-20, 2020), during Texcare International.  The GBPA concept is based on:

  • stimulating the implementation of best practice measures, service aspects, marketing and quality of the professional textile care industry
  • demonstrating PTC industry’s capabilities
  • providing a benchmark and platform for the new state of the art in modern professional textile care.

Are you a retail textile cleaner? Or do you represent an industrial laundry? Does your company meet the best practices criteria? Showcase it among the best PTC companies worldwide. Contact CINET Secretariat (cinet@cinet-online.com) and ask a reply form for the GBPA2019-2020 competition.

Audience at the GBPA18 Final in Milan, Italy (October 19, 2018)

The application process doesn’t require any fee and the main benefits of the participation are the following:

  • Free Publicity for all the participants in the World of PTC (Book 7)
  • The (World) PTC stage is yours! The chance (for the 40 selected finalists) to deliver a presentation in front of the International Jury and the international audience in Frankfurt, Germany on June, 20th, 2020 (during Texcare International 2020).
  • Massive PR which you can use in order to increase the turnover