Smart Textile Allliance Aims at Stimulating E-Textile Supply Chain

The recently launched non-profit organisation ‘Smart Textile Alliance’ has the intention to systematize standards and further develop the e-textiles industry’s supply chain. The organisation aims at developing industry standards based on leading technologies and providing support for companies that are exploiting new opportunities within smart textiles.

The organisation’s founders – Christian Dalsgaard and Mili John Tharakan – are looking for cooperation with companies who have solutions that can be transformed into standards to be used within the entire smart textiles industry. According to the company, smart textiles combine micro-electronics with textiles and open opportunities for innovative applications in various sectors such as sport and health.

In the past years these so-called e-textiles have developed on the brink of electronics and textiles. The Alliance noticed that solutions and components developed, could hardly be integrated into textiles. This lack of integration led to frustration and high costs during product development and manufacturing.