Smart Textiles Gaining Ground, Bringing New Challenges and Opportunities for PTC

Smart textiles  are a new trend that is gaining ground in several regions of the world, that would open potential opportunities for PTC professionals, as well.

In Lithuania, the “National Invention of the Year” Award went to a prototype of a smart T-shirt that can be used to monitor heart activity. The solution enables remote diagnostics for physicians and patients – enabling continuous monitoring of health without interfering with the patient’s day-to-day responsibilities to prevent, detect, treat, and manage cardiovascular risk factors. New smart t-shirts with the help of embedded sensors can remotely monitor the patient’s ECG, collect data. Among the features:

  1. Transferring data to relevant experts online, on real time basis without national border
  2. Real time ECG tracking is based on a smart textile.
  3. additional parameters of the arrhythmia, alerting the patient to an imminent heart attack, the daily fatigue and functional status monitoring and exercise dosage control etc. calculated.
  4. Permanent data collection, 7 days’ period review. Working on search and selection of informative ECG parameters and the development of data evaluation algorithms.

According to Mr. Geldiminas Mikulenas, the project’s initiatior, early diagnosis of diseases and their monitoring would prevent a number of complication.