Smart washing by Mimbox The washing of the future will not be done with drinking water”

Water shortages are not the only challenge in the world. Smarter solutions for both water and energy savings are needed. At the same time, the world’s washing machines release hundreds of tons of microplastics into the oceans every year. The Sweden-based company Mimbly has developed  a solution to prevent this devastating pollution through a smarter washing system.

Isabella Palmgren is founder and CEO of the environmental technology company Mimbly. With her company, she developed a product – Mimbox – which connects to commercial washing machines and captures microplastics and saves both water and energy. The boxes have been tested with 18 of the Nordic region’s largest laundry owners. The company has gained support from both IKEA and the EU as well as the Swedish Energy Agency.

The box makes washing intelligent. At each rinse, the water enters the box and is filtered, analysed and if it is sufficiently clean, it is used again for the next wash after microplastics have been collected. The box also collects data, for instance as to detergent and water being used and as to energy savings. In 2022 the company expects to deliver the first number of her boxes to real estate laundries, laundries and hotels.