Soil remediation: hard work over decades …..

Over ten years ago Bosatex started remediating the soil of more than 300 (former) dry cleaning locations in the Netherlands. After 25 years of negotiations, an appropriate arrangement with the Dutch government was agreed upon. This offered a good solution for dry cleaners involved, to be able to take responsibility for the historical soil contamination, caused by working with perc in 1960 – 1980.

Meanwhile in 2010 – 2022 virtually all investigations and, where necessary, remediations were carried out. Now it seemed that only Aftercare was needed to come to a final solution.

New EU-legislation
These days it became clear that soil remediation is more urgent than anticipated before. New EU-legislation is announced that will make it necessary to accelerate the implementation of the remediation program. Because of this new legislation the funding of soil remediation cannot be postponed. Bosatex is pleading with the Dutch Ministry of I&W to see how this situation can be solved. All participants in the Bosatex soil remediation program will be approached again for consultation to find acceptable solutions.