Space Technology to Save the Planet …

Oxwash – the UK-based startup – has raised £2.08m ($3M) in seed expansion investment, to further  clean the traditional and environmentally costly washing and dry-cleaning sector. The company has re-engineered the cleaning process by introducing technology that is being used in space and hospital sterilisation. Their state of the art washing technology, cleaning methods and door-to-door laundry service are on the way to net zero carbon emissions.

Global laundry usage releases a seismic 14,000 tons of microfibers into the oceans each year. It means that a third of all plastic found in the ocean are microfibers from clothes. The company’s microfiber filtration technology removes more than 95 per cent of fibres shed during washing, preventing plastic pollution from reaching waterways and drinking water. With their three stage approach – ozone disinfection, chemical sterilisation and thermal decontamination – to kill bacteria, the firm’s laundry processes are claimed to reduce 99.99999% of infections!

The firm has shown rapid growth since the start of the pandemic and the new capital will be used to expand the team and invest in proprietary technology that will power the business’s logistics and cutting edge washing facilities to further improve services both for consumers and the environment.