Special CSR Awards 2020 Went to SERENA (Kenya) and GCS BIH 77 (France)

The Special Awards are presented to companies which have an unique, extraordinary business concept or a distinguishing model on social responsibility. At GBPAP2020, 2 companies have won the prestigious award: Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge (SERENA Hotels Kenya) and GCS BIH 77 (France)

Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge (SERENA Hotels) was awarded for their outstanding focus on supporting the community, as well as for applying eco-friendly business practices in the Kenyan safari region. 92 rooms from the resort are served by this eco-friendly laundry placed in a remote location.  A Solar Power Plant generates CO-2 savings equal to 100.000+ trees in 10 years.

GCS BIH 77 was awarded for their achievements that provide the wellbeing of its entire staff and for the successful integration of employees in precarious situations. The laundry is a result of a collaboration between 6 hospitals, processing 24 tons per day. It is a social enterprise, with a special plant setup for people with a disadvantage on the job market

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