Special Washing Service for Re-usable Masks!

Wearing masks has become part of everyday life in Germany. However, regarding reusable masks there is a lot of uncertainty. For instance, how are they properly washed? Alsco – a Germany-based service provider for workwear – has recently started to offer a laundry service for companies.

At present, many companies are protecting their employees with face masks, since it is the only way they can resume work during the Corona pandemic. The new service works as follows: people select masks from the company’s range, the laundry service picks up used masks and exchanges them for hygienically washed masks. According to the textile supplier, the laundry service not only reduces the risk of infection, but it also saves costs for businesses. Besides, it protects the environment.

The professional processing guarantees that hygiene standards are observed. The company states to wash the masks by a disinfection washing process listed by the Rober Koch Institute – the German government’s central scientific institution in the field of biomedicine. The textile masks in the company’s range have either a binding band or a rubber and are easy to care for.  The textiles used are certified according to the “ÖkoTex Standard 100”.