Speed-O, the way forward

Laundry specialist Christeyns from England has recently launched a new ozone system called Speed-O. In Speed-O the advantages of ozone properties are combined with the requirements of a commercial washing process.

Ozone is known for its bleaching effect and the ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The substance is even used in the filtering of drinking water. Speed-O is made by adding active oxygen (peracetic acid) to ozone, creating a hydroxyl radical, which has the ability to break down dirt in water. Extremely technical story, but Speed-O seems to be achieving good results for the time being.

Laundry systems that add ozone to the water can drastically reduce the use of hot water for large batches of textiles, as well as the amount of cleaning agents used. Result: cleaner, brighter bedding and clothing. The ozone molecule also has an effect on the fiber structure, which becomes more open, making the tissue softer and lighter. The textile therefore contains less residual moisture after the washing process, whereby the drying times can be reduced.

At the end of January the Speed-O system was implemented as a test on a 90-kilo machine from Petersfield Linen Services. The Speed-O system consists of a small box that draws in oxygen, converts it into ozone and then pumps it into the washing machine. The results are amazing; clean, soft, fresh laundry. In addition, water and energy consumption have decreased drastically, and cleaning is possible at a temperature of 25ºC instead of 71ºC.