Stahl from Germany delights industrial textile services industry

At the 18th EXPOdetergo in Milan late October, STAHL not only presented its machines, but also introduced a new item that is believed to thrill customers everywhere.

The company stated that feedback from their clientele was the inspiration for a highlight that will please not only new but also regular customers. The feature involves laundry machines from the series ATOLL and Divimat. With the new, innovative function it is now possible to change different parameters flexibly during a running process. For instance, when during a laundry-process it becomes clear that a longer holding time or more water is required, these settings will now be changeable with the new generation of machines. The new situation will not only apply to the current cycle, but can be saved as a default for further washing cycles. The parameters “temperature,” “holding time,” “water level,” “number of revolutions,” “purge time,” “spinning time” and “spin speed” are separately adjustable during a running wash, rinsing or spinning program.

Apart from that, the company presented the third generation dryers T352-T356 with some improvements such as a low-maintenance drive system, an additional lint filter to protect the steam register, the possibility of full isolation and optimized residual moisture measurement. Additionally, the dryers have become more flexible to be rearranged easily by a lift car.