Starting-up a Process of Change

Darcy Moen – a successful drycleaning shop owner and multi-media marketer – recently published some views on how to initiate a process of change in your business.

‘The drycleaning industry is under siege with the spread of casual clothing from just Friday to now every day of the week. This trend is responsible for the massive reduction of ‘drycleaning needing clothing’. Change happens, whether you want it or not. Here is a little advice on how to start the process of embracing or starting change in your business.

Set aside one hour out of your work week going away from your business to a place you like. There you write down your most pressing problems, one problem per page. If your hour is up, go back to work. If time is left in the hour, start writing down ideas to solve the problem(s). After a few weeks, take the solutions you have found back to your business and share them with your staff, whether they are policy, practice, or buying something new.

Then, wait and watch what happens. If there is no change, or the result is not what you wanted, reconsider the issue during your next one hour session. Repeat the proces until you have the solution!