Strategic Alliance between Lapauw and Montanari aims for global POWER

Recently, Lapauw International from Belgium and Montanari from Italy have signed an agreement for long-term partnership as to logistics and software-solutions.

To Lapauw the partnership is an advancing and logic step since it follows an earlier agreed close cooperation. It serves the company’s aim to streamline production and distribution of linen transport systems and provides an opportunity to offer a global market approach, thus offering more uniformity to their customers. For Montanari it is also a major contribution towards the company’s ambitions to a global approach. Up to now the company has focused on the Southern European market, but the exclusive partnership with Lapauw provides both a Northern Europe as well as global entrance.

The companies have  worked together earlier and stated to share similar philosophies as to manufacturing reliable products and offering low cost of ownership. Montanari was founded in Italy in the 1950s and made the supply of laundry transport systems for industrial laundries their core business. At the moment they have facilities in over 600 laundries across the world, supplied over 600,000 kilometers of storage rails thus enabling more than a million tons of laundry be moved. Especially, those facts and figures that are extremely beneficial for Lapauw and therefore no doubt basis for a sound cooperation.