Strategic Alliances in European Textile Fabrics Industry

Melchior Textil GmbH from Germany is determined to strengthen its sales base. Apart from that it aims at new customer development by focusing on innovative fabrics for work wear. In order to follow this strategy,  the company has already entered into a partnership with the Portuguese textile finisher TMG Acabamentos Tèxteis, SA.

In that respect, the company has welcomed the joint-venture that has been announced between its partner TMG and the English textile group Carrington. Melchior’s Managing Director Manfred Seeber and his collegue at TMG, Manuel Goncalves, agree that co-operation will lead to gaining efficiency and competitiveness as a result of the joint-venture.

At the same time, Melchior states that its own  strategic focus remains on providing innovative product solutions and service for its customers. The company procures and markets raw fabrics which are then refined by their finishing partners to completely finished workwear fabrics.