Strategic Partnership Starchup & Laundry Locker in USA

USA-based companies Starchup Inc. and Laundry Locker Inc. have entered into a strategic agreement to license DropLocker’s patents and other intellectual property related to the storage, pickup and delivery of laundry, drycleaning and household items to lockers and secured locations.

The agreement authorizes Starchup to integrate the locker-based delivery tools into their point of sale and will extend the rights to Starchup customers through use of its software. DropLocker will become the exclusive supplier of lockers to Starchup and be named the preferred locker supplier to their POS users – including the patented Angled Locker design, which maximizes hanging space in lockers and preserves the finish on long-hanging items.

Lockers can provide an extension of a laundromat or drycleaning business by adding a physical presence to locations where customers live, work and play – in order to make it more convenient for them to get laundry done. Laundry lockers can be found in offices, parking garages, apartment complexes and universities.