Study calculates the cost of drycleaning in 100 countries

Study calculates the cost of drycleaning in 100 countries (UK)

A study revealing cost of drycleaning a suit in 100 countries around the world has recently been presented by online drycleaning service, Zipjet. The study began by handpicking 100 cities around the world, focusing on capital cities, business centres and financial districts and calculating the average price of cleaning 2 and 3-piece suits in each location. The final index is ranked highest to lowest, based on the cost of drycleaning a single suit.

In an effort to give the data some human perspective, the number of hours an individual on minimum wage must work to dry clean one suit was calculated. This data also establishes the overall affordability of the service in each city, and gives an indication of standard of living. Finally, to establish how much capital dry cleaning adds to the economy, the amount that each country spends on drycleaning suits per year was calculated. This was determined by multiplying the yearly cost of drycleaning with the total number of professionals who typically wear suits such as bankers, lawyers, insurance brokers, governmental workers and teaching staff, to give an indication of the total national cost.

Below you can see the results for the top 10 most expensive cities to dryclean one suit (cost of drycleaning a suit in £ GBP):

1. Oslo Norway: 37,02
2. Helsinki Finland: 29. 26
3. Gothenburg Sweden: 24,99
4 Aarhus Denmark: 24.36
5. Zurich Switzerland: 21,91
6. Stockholm Sweden: 19,47
7. Graz Austria: 17.93
8. Auckland New Zealand: 17,35
9. Vienna Austria: 16,97
10. Amsterdam Netherlands: 16,74