Successful Danish-German Collaboration Results in 80% Growth In Laundry Capacity

Testorp is a Berlin-based family-owned laundry with more than 140 years of history and tradition. The company has grown impressively and expects to continue its growth. However, some six years ago, the company realized it needed to attract new customers and the capacity had to grow.  Still, expanding the laundry within the city was impossible. So, how do you grow when you cannot expand in square metres? The company started to look internally to increase operational efficiency.

In a close collaboration with Beirholm – a provider of high performance textiles – an operational efficiency plan was formed based on three steps: deducing the company’s laundry context, using BeirTex® textile performance technologies to increase efficiency and the Beirholm’s modular design concept based on a small range of laundry-fit textiles to increase laundry capacity and bring in new customers.

Today, the company plays a competitive role in Berlin healthcare and hospitality. New and potential customers have shown great interest in their innovative design concept together with a high, personal service level. Conclusion? Together with new laundry machinery technology, the plan helped the company grow from 15 to 27 tons a day.