Successful Laundry Technology Upgrade in Japan by Kannegiesser ETECH

Recently, Kannegiesser ETECH completed a successful eVue laundry technology upgrade project at Maruwa in Wakayama, Japan. Wakayama lies south of Osaka in the central area of the main Japanese island of Honshu.

The Maruwa plant has several separate of the company’s rail systems. For instance, an incoming customer bag system – delivering soiled goods to two separate six-station sort soil processing systems – and an automated clean goods transfer and storage system. In 2007, the plant was the first installation to run with the company’s RailPro 1 laundry automation. It helped not only the reliability of the RailPro 1 controls and the company’s technical support capabilities, but also paved the way for further automation advances in laundry technology products.

eVue Control is stated to be a reliable, secure, intuitive web-based production management software that is multi-lingual. It has already been available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and now also in Japanese.