Sustainability at Christeyns (Belgium)

Sustainability supports an enormous market potential for Professional Textile Care and all major stakeholders in the sector make important steps in this dimension. In Belgium, ETION joined Christeyns for an inspiring session on sustainability. ETION is a forum in which entrepreneurs who believe in people and authentic leadership participate. Christeyns CEO Alain Bostoen explained how Christeyns is committed to this and what are group’s initiatives in terms of sustainability.

For a family business like Christeyns, which was established in Ghent 75 years ago, sustainability is not just a concept. It is a value that is highly integrated in all company’s aspects and that will be emphasized even more in the future. From raw material to packaging and delivery, Christeyns takes the impact on the environment into account at every step. And because every little step counts, at the end of the event all participants crossed Ghent on bicycles.