Sustainability in Professional Textile Care

During the workshop on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of NETEX, Dr. Henk Gooijer presented the results on TKT’s sustainability research. In this study, Henk Gooijer and Joris Kragten compared professional textile care against home washing. A number of statements have emerged from this research.

Sustainable washing by outsourcing laundry:

> 17% energy saving each time;
> 24% less CO2 emissions;
> 15 L water saving (more than 35%) per washing;
Potentially saving more than 80% water with state of the art industrial laundry equipment: 3.477 L of water per year per person;
Contributions to the Plastic Soup: Home washing >33%, professional washing: 0.1%.

The full report from TKT (2019) is available at the CINET secretariat and on our WOPCOM platform.