Sustainable textile coatings for medical applications

Covestro, a supplier of high-tech polymers from Germany,�has developed new polyurethane raw materials for state-of-the-art wound care under the trade name of Baymedix®.

These include raw materials for wound dressings that assist in the healing process and also offer numerous design options. These raw materials are used, for example, in absorbent foams manufactured from Baymedix® FP, adhesives with skin contact made of Baymedix® A and films based on the waterborne products Baymedix® FD and CD.

A new focus of Covestro’s material developments are applications in medical textile coatings, for example in surgical clothing, mattress pads for hospitals, coatings for medical furniture and medical bandages. But also raw materials for sustainable waterborne textile coatings that have good tactile properties and improved resistance to disinfectants.