Swedish Laundry Association Proposes to Government to Cover 25% of Laundry Consumers’ Costs

The Swedish Laundry Association proposed to the National Government that laundry, as well as drying and other finishing as well as minor repairs of clothes and home textiles for private individuals should be covered by the RUT deduction program initiated the Government. According to the Swedish Laundry Association, several categories of customers (e.g the elderly and families with children who struggle with work-life balance), the cost is reduced by 25 percent after RUT deductions. Dry cleaning or carpet washing are not included in the deduction scheme.

RUT is an tax reduction on domestic work carried out in a home. It is an abbreviation for: Rengöring (cleaning), Underhåll (maintenance) and Tvätt (laundry).  It was introduced with the purpose to free the working men and women from domestic work, create more low-skilled jobs and reduce unemployment.

The new decision is expected to increase the potential for a growth in the Swedish Professional Textile Care sector, to support the employment and support the sustainability initiatives.