Swedish Laundry Service Company actively pursues Diversity

The Nordic region’s leading textile service company Berendsen –  about 1,400 employees in Sweden – states to be actively working to increase diversity within the company. More than 50 nationalities are represented in their 24 laundries in Sweden.

That is why the company considers diversity, gender equality and integration issues as crucial in its strategy and as basic values ​​ within the organization. CEO Johanna Persson: “As we see it, the laundry and textile service industry is part of the solution to Sweden’s integration challenges. We are constantly growing and creating new jobs. Here we create many entry jobs and have a large number of foreign-born employees. At our company we have 16 different languages ​​and in our staff that is spread across the country there are employees from 50 different countries.

The female representation within the company is also something that the company intends to develope more actively. Persson: “Our proportion of female managers is now at 46%, in an industry that is traditionally male-dominated at the managerial level. We want our employees to reflect society at large and reality in general. Both in terms of backgrounds and gender of our employees.”