Swiss Start-up Tick becomes independent online laundry service

The online laundry service Tick, set up by the Mibelle Group in Switzerland, will be an independent company as from January 2019.

The start-up company, launched in 2016, will become an independent Tick AG. The new owner is Zurich entrepreneur Joëlle Zanetti-Gloor, who helped build the online laundry service and has been managing the business since 2016. Zanetti-Gloor: “Tick has developed very well over the past three years. To successfully develop the start-up, we have to be able to act quickly. This requires short decision paths, which will be optimally guaranteed by the new conditions. I am pleased to continue Tick on my own responsibility”.  In addition to the expansion to the cities of Berne and Lucerne, the service platform will be extended by new services as from the following year. Tick’s new HQ will be in Zurich Seefeld, which will also function as head of the operational business.

The online service had been launched by the mother company, but independent exploitation of the new idea appeared to be preferable to integration in the existing corporate structure. The new company’s focus to the future will primarily be the strategic development of the service platform and expand the services as well as create new business propositions.