Textile industry … crisis and chances ahead?!

Scenarios in the recently published “Industry REPORT on Workwear and Protective Clothing 2022” are depressing. According to the report by Cologne-based marketing research company MarketMedia24, the market experienced a rather stable and positive development until the pandemic started. Until 2030, the market is expected to decline considerably in a best case scenario and will experience disastrous downtrends in a worst case scenario.

Even before the war in Ukraine, the workwear and protective clothing industry was struggling with sales losses. After two years of Corona – at the end of 2021 – sales for workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) together were 3.6 percent lower than at the end of 2019. Workwear was hit harder (minus 4.5 percent) than personal protective equipment (down 2.7 percent).

However, the corona pandemic has made the industry think about production countries in terms of dependencies and supply chains. Besides, opportunities have arisen by trends that are already emerging – such as sustainability and the circular economy. According to the research company, these development not only become important on the demand side, but also because of legislative requirements. In addition, higher demands on quality, hygiene and convenience will influence production considerably.